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Thanks for touching base. We understand how work can get pretty busy. There weren't any things we had specifically asked you about, but there are several items we've asked about on the list from mentors that have gone unanswered or

1) Confluence space for main documentation
Other projects are using a separate Confluence space for their main
documentation and then having a cron script copy the autoexported HTML to their official documentation web space. We'd like to have another space created for VCL for that purpose. I asked on the infrastructure list about this and was told that the future of Confluence at Apache is uncertain. However, since then it seems like things are moving forward to at least be able to upgrade to the latest version of Confluence, which makes me think there's a better chance of Confluence sticking around. So, could we get that
space created?

I haven't played much with the Wiki. I'll see if I can get Alan or Kevan to provide some comments on this. If not, I'll follow up for you.

2) CLA committers group in Confluence
This is very related to #1 since only people with a CLA on file are allowed to contribute to official project documentation. Can we get a Confluence VCL
committers group created that contains everyone with a CLA on file?

Tried setting this up in the admin and got stimied, will need to revisit.

3) Performing a release
Other than the things marked TODO, does the following page correctly outline
the process we need to follow to cut a release:

The high level things look right. I think it is important to note that there are two aspects to releasing: Apache requirements and project standards.

In the Wiki it was mentioned that JIRA issues should all be resolved, that is a project decision (a good practice I'll agree) but not an Apache requirement.

Proper headers and such are requirements as well as signing code. Never heard of signing an announcement but I may have missed this before. Definitely need a key for your Apache ID.

4) group for Jira committers role
In order to use the "log work done" function in Jira, a person needs to be a member of the Committers role. Rather than adding everyone needing access to that individually, would it make more sense to have a Jira user group granted that role and then add people to the group? If so, can we get that group
created in Jira?

Currently the following people have project admin in JIRA:

Aaron Peeler (fapeeler)         
Andy Kurth (arkurth)    
Brian Bouterse (bmbouter)       
Josh Thompson (jfthomps)        

It looks like the other committers do not have an ID in JIRA or created something different than their apache id.

I created a group called vcl-developers and put the folks I could find in it.


On Tuesday June 09, 2009, Matt Hogstrom wrote:
Andy Rindos contacted me today and said there were some things people
had asked me for but hadn't heard back. I'm checking my e-mail client
to see if its been eating e-mails.  While I do that, if there was
something specific I was supposed to do, etc. Ping me and I'll follow
it up.  I'll search through the archives.  Release related perhaps ?
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