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Added Jira issue VCL-197

We'll get this fix in soon.


--On August 4, 2009 3:52:09 PM -0400 Toks Adeshiyan <toku...@linux.vnet.ibm.com> wrote:

I ran into a small bug last week where VCL reports that the admin user
account has been added to a provisioned resource even though the user add
command had actually failed.  This is based on the following /etc/passwd

19:07:58|5762|2:2|reserved|utils.pm:run_ssh_command(6727)|executing SSH
command on vcl-vm1: cat /etc/passwd
2009-07-27 19:07:58|5762|2:2|reserved|vcld:REAPER(770)|setting $? to 0,
exit status: 0
output: root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash
| 5762|2:2|reserved| bin:x:1:1:bin:/bin:/bin/bash
| 5762|2:2|reserved| daemon:x:2:2:Daemon:/sbin:/bin/bash
| 5762|2:2|reserved| lp:x:4:7:Printing daemon:/var/spool/lpd:/bin/bash
| 5762|2:2|reserved| mail:x:8:12:Mailer
| daemon:/var/spool/clientmqueue:/bin/false 5762|2:2|reserved|
| games:x:12:100:Games account:/var/games:/bin/bash 5762|2:2|reserved|
| wwwrun:x:30:8:WWW daemon apache:/var/lib/wwwrun:/bin/false
| 5762|2:2|reserved| ftp:x:40:49:FTP account:/srv/ftp:/bin/bash
| 5762|2:2|reserved| nobody:x:65534:65533:nobody:/var/lib/nobody:/bin/bash
| 5762|2:2|reserved| postfix:x:51:51:Postfix
| Daemon:/var/spool/postfix:/bin/false 5762|2:2|reserved| ntp:x:74:101:NTP
| daemon:/var/lib/ntp:/bin/false 5762|2:2|reserved| uuidd:x:100:102:User
| for uuidd:/var/run/uuidd:/bin/false 5762|2:2|reserved|
| messagebus:x:101:103:User for D-Bus:/var/run/dbus:/bin/false
| 5762|2:2|reserved|
| polkituser:x:102:104:PolicyKit:/var/run/PolicyKit:/bin/false
| 5762|2:2|reserved| haldaemon:x:103:105:User for
| haldaemon:/var/run/hald:/bin/false 5762|2:2|reserved| sshd:x:71:65:SSH
| daemon:/var/lib/sshd:/bin/false 5762|2:2|reserved|
| suse-ncc:x:104:106:Novell Customer Center
| User:/var/lib/YaST2/suse-ncc-fakehome:/bin/bash 5762|2:2|reserved|
| at:x:25:25:Batch jobs daemon:/var/spool/atjobs:/bin/bash
| 5762|2:2|reserved| man:x:13:62:Manual pages
| viewer:/var/cache/man:/bin/bash 5762|2:2|reserved| news:x:9:13:News
| system:/etc/news:/bin/bash
| 5762|2:2|reserved| uucp:x:10:14:Unix-to-Unix CoPy
| system:/etc/uucp:/bin/bash 5762|2:2|reserved| mysql:x:60:107:MySQL
| database admin:/var/lib/mysql:/bin/false
2009-07-27 19:07:58|5762|2:2|reserved|utils.pm:run_ssh_command(6811)|SSH
command executed on vcl-vm1: cat /etc/passwd, returning (0, output)
2009-07-27 19:07:58|5762|2:2|reserved|utils.pm:add_user(3098)|added user
account admin to vcl-vm1

VCL thinks that the user has been added because of the last line in the
file (mysql user account) which matches the regexp in the _is_user_added
subroutine in utils.pm.  Later, when VCL attempts to change the password
of the non-existent admin user, it fails.  The regexp could be modified
to look for the string "$user" at the beginning of each line instead.


Aaron Peeler
OIT Advanced Computing
College of Engineering-NCSU

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