Thanks. Very detailed.

On issue VCL-202 could you attach a copy of the sql conversion script? Or do you have a list of changes on the schema? Maybe it's there and I just didn't see it.


--On August 21, 2009 11:56:05 AM -0400 Milen P Paskov <> wrote:

Dear all,

I have been working on to extend the current VCL (back-end) code to
support not only MySQL but also Apache Derby. I choose Apache Derby as it
has an Apache licence compared to the GPL on of MySQL.
I have created two issues about this, where you can read more details
about the current work. If you have any ideas or suggestion about this
please post them as comments on the issues where they it will be easy to
manage them.
However i have not started with the front end of the code at all for the
moment, this will be done in the future.


Best Regards,
Milen Paskov

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