Hi Kelly,

The appliance(or any VCL appliance) is not supported by Apache VCL.

I would suggest to use the VCL Install guide.


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Can someone tell me the contents of the VCL-VM.vmdk file located on the
download site for the VCL 2.1 appliance (
http://brian-linux.cnl.ncsu.edu/VCLVM3G/ ) ? I can see from the file
extension that it is a virtual hard disk, but this file will not upload
correctly when I place it into the datastore on the hypervisor.  The
VCL-VM-flat.vmdk file gets renamed to VCL-VM.vmdk when its uploaded and
the original "VCL-VM.vmdk" file gets over written.  Has anyone had this
happen?  If so, is there a work around?  Is this file necessary?

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