I wanted to inform the community and give a forum for feedback (this thread) on an effort to extend the existing esx.pm provisioning module to boot netbooted ESX virtual machines in a 'thin provisioning' way from NetApp storage hardware. Essentially, through the use of file and volume level cloning the NEXT Services lab is going to replace any SSH based manipulation of images in the image library maintained by the esx.pm with ZAPI calls to the netapp API. These ZAPI calls will provide vmdk cloning capabilities to replace the simple cp via ssh which is being done now. Here is a high level briefing of the NetApp storage efficiency this integration will leverage: http://media.netapp.com/documents/storage-efficiency-brief.pdf

The existing esx.pm module is located here:  
The readme about the existing esx.pm is located here:  

The existing esx.pm module will stay as-is, and the new code will be created in a file named esx-thin.pm which will ultimately be committed back to the apache.org SVN once the code has been tested and is felt to create some value.


Brian Bouterse
NEXT Services

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