The ASF headers have been added to all of the files listed in Kevan's message except INSTALLATION.

The AUTHOR and COPYRIGHT POD tags were originally added in order to follow the conventions for Perl modules from CPAN. I will work on removing them if nobody objects.

Some coding will need to be done to remove all of the references to NCSU in The problem has to do with the STANDALONE flag. The code currently checks if the user's affiliation and sets this flag to false if it is NCSU. This flag is used to determine whether or not to add user accounts to Linux reservations. User access methods (RDP, SSH, etc) will eventually be modularized (VCL-80). In the meantime, I propose adding an additional property to the vcld.conf file called NOT_STANDALONE. This will be checked where the references to NCSU are in and will allow the NCSU implementation to work correctly. I will also work on this.


Kevan Miller wrote:
I took a look at the VCL source and have the following comments

INSTALLATION contains references to the Virtual Computing Laboratory at NCSU

In general, there are still a fair number of references to NCSU. For example, in managementnode/lib/VCL/

    # Fix the unityid if non-NCSU account
    if ($request_info{user}{uid} >= 1000000) {
my ($correct_unity_id, $user_domain) = split /@/, $request_info{user}{unityid}; notify($ERRORS{'OK'}, 0, "non-NCSU user found: $request_info{user}{unityid}, $correct_unity_id from $user_domain");
        $request_info{user}{unityid}    = $correct_unity_id;
        $request_info{user}{STANDALONE} = 1;

There are a lot of AUTHOR tags. The ASF Board recommends that projects not use author tags in source code. AFAIK, this is a "recommendation" not "policy". And this is a bit of a contentious issue to some. However, I recommend following the boards recommendation. I wouldn't vote -1 simply because of author tags. However, would like to see the community set a direction on their use.

A lot of modules contain:


 Apache VCL incubator project
 Copyright 2009 The Apache Software Foundation

 This product includes software developed at
 The Apache Software Foundation (

Since the source already contains recommended source license headers, are they really necessary? They're something additional to maintain. NOTICE file should contain the copyright statement for Apache VCL.

The following files do not contain a source license header. Most look like they syntactically could contain a license header and most look like they should (INSTALLATION is debatable)...


IIUC, there is no "build" process. Using VCL is a matter of following the installation instructions. It may be extremely apparent to everyone, but I think it best to point out somewhere (INSTALLATION and or RELEASE_NOTES) that the prerequisites are under their own licensing terms (i.e. not all are covered by an apache license).


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