Thanks for the comments. The NetApp perl client libraries do not have Apache 2.0 licenses, so they will not be distributed as part of the VCL code. Those wanting to use the provisioning module will need to download the library from the netapp website on their own. I will document what they need to download, where to get it from, and where in the filesystem it is to be placed.

Speaking of which, any thoughts on using the following path as the installation path of those libraries when folks do download them?

<install of vcl>/lib/NetApp/


Brian Bouterse
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On Oct 1, 2009, at 10:33 AM, wrote:

I think this depends on how it's licensed. Does it have Apache 2.0
License? Others can comment on this.

Even if we can redistribute it. I'd prefer not to in case it changes, bug
fixes, new features, etc.

I'd suggest documenting on the Apache VCL wiki or in the module itself
where to get it and how to install it. Also if the netapp perl libs are
freely downloadable from then eventually the can be extended to get the additional libs.


As referenced earlier, I'm creating an which thin
provisions VM's for ESX servers.  To interact with the NetApp API,
NetApp provides perl client libraries. These libraries need to exists
on any vcld machine which plans to use the provisioning
engine.  The entire client library is in one directory, is 108K, and
needs to be a well known location so the can find it.  Is
there a convention for libraries like this already?

Should I commit this into the VCL codebase so that it's easier to use
the pm?


Should we pick another location in the filesystem for it to sit.  If
so, where would you suggest?


Brian Bouterse
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