Thanks. Andy and I will start working on this. Since the back end can be configured to support one or more of xCAT, vmware, standalone lab, etc. In the README file we'll separately list the required dependencies to get vcld started and the conditional dependencies to get other parts working.


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I've created a page to keep track with what has been done for the 2.1

There are a few things I've finished for the frontend that now need to be
done  for the backend.

The README file needs to have all dependencies listed for the backend.

The CHANGELOG file needs to have all changes in dependencies listed since
the  2.0 release.

The INSTALLATION file needs to be updated to match the online install
docs  that are on the Confluence wiki.  I've left the old header comments
and  backend install notes in the file below the
'____________________________'  line.  I'm not sure we need any of the
header stuff in the file now with all  of the other files (LICENSE,
NOTICE, etc).  Go ahead and remove anything you  update and anything you
don't think we need in there anymore.

Make sure when doing an export of trunk/managementnode that all of the
files  end up with the correct permissions.

We're almost there!

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