I have a problem with the esxthin.pm and VCL says it can't load VCL::Module::Provisioning::esxthin I've copied the esx.pm to esxthin.pm, and updated all the names and checks for esx to esxthin so that it is a valid VCL module. It is also installed correctly. The module performs the same functionality as esx.pm and successfully deploys and manages VMs.

The problem comes in when I add the following lines to import the NetApp perl client libraries:

use NetApp::NaServer;
use NetApp::NaElement;

I do this just below:      use lib "$FindBin::Bin/../../..";

The files are actually located at ../../../NetApp/ [NaServer,NaElement].pm so they should be found just fine. What's more puzzling is that there are certainly no compilation errors because 'perl esxthin.pm' produces the same output as 'perl esx.pm'

Is it finding the NaServer.pm file? If it is being found, why can't VCL load it when there are no compilation errors in the NaServer.pm file?

Seeing if anyone has any ideas...


Brian Bouterse
NEXT Services

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