Not all of the states in the state table will cause something to happen if a request is set to that state. The table is used for request and computer states. Some of the states only pertain to computers.

I have begun to document this at:

This page currently only lists the request states, which Perl module is used to process them, and a brief description. The actual logic in deciding what happens is pretty complicated. Flowcharts would help. Anyway, hopefully this is somewhat helpful if you just want to know which states cause requests to be processed.


杨杰 wrote:
i'm now trying to develop a set of commands to control VMs automatically,
all of which are based on the vcl project. While i am puzzled by the items
in the state table in vcl database. This table contains the following items:
id name
2 available
4 classreserved
9 cleaning
12 complete
1 deleted
5 failed
23 hpc
16 image
7 imageinuse
15 imageprep
8 inuse
10 maintenance
17 makeproduction
13 new
14 pending
19 reload
6 reloading
3 reserved
11 timeout
22 tohpc
18 tomaintenance
21 tovmhostinuse
20 vmhostinuse

when insert a request record ( into table REQUEST), a specific state may
cause a certain operation. eg., when I insert the following record into
request, a reload operation is carried out.
INSERT INTO request(stateid,userid, laststateid, start, end, daterequested)
(19, *2*, 19, NOW(), NOW(), NOW())
What about other items ? What operations will they cause?

Thank you!

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Andy Kurth
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