Hi Sean,
In addition to bringing it up on this list, the best way is to create a Jira 

Once created, you can attach the patch file to the issue. It's probably best to create separate patch files for the check_connection() problem and for the code cleanup. The code cleanup patch file can be attached to this issue:

This will be a good exercise for the community to define and document the process. I started a stub page here:


Sean Dilda wrote:

Let me know if there's a better way to submit patches to this project.

Attached is a small patch taken from managementnode/lib/. It fixes a bug in utils.pm::check_connection(). The netstat check was only recognizing ssh connections that showed up with ::ffff: in front of their IPs for lab machines and not for other linux images. This patch copies the fix for lab machines and uses it for all linux images.

In addition, this patch also removes some code that is now unused thanks to the OS modularization. While figuring out what happened when linux machines are deployed, I lost some time delving into this unused code, so I thought it best to submit a patch removing it so that no one else gets confused.

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