Greetings, VCL gurus.

I'm posting this e-mail in case anyone else has seen the problem.  I'm actively 
working with Andy Kurth at NCSU, so the primary development team is aware of 
our issue and is actively working on it.  We've encountered a problem traceable 
to the configure_networking.vbs script that exists in 
c:\cygwin\home\root\VCL\scripts on Windows bare metal and VMware images.  We 
have some... advanced users, and they like to add to Windows images VMware, 
Virtual Box, and other virtualization software (drop me an e-mail if you want 
to hear about our VCL in a VCL image).  When you do this, the various 
virtualization software adds additional network adaptors to the system.  As a 
result, the previous versions of configure_networking.vbs work hard at trying 
to figure out the public and private interfaces, but on occasion end up saying, 
"I dunno" and giving up.  The net result is the reservation never completes.

As I say, we're actively working with the NCSU VCL Team on the issue, but I 
wanted to let everyone on the list know about the Jira issue I put in for it:

This way, if you see/experience the problem, you can know that it's being 
properly attended to.

PS: Since nobody else has said it on this list, I'll say it now:  The NCSU VCL 
Team (Andy Kurth, Aaron Peeler, Josh Thompson) are outstanding guys who are 
more than willing to help out a VCL admin in need.  Whatever they're getting 
paid, it's not enough.
Tony Miller
Technology Consultant, VCL Admin
Academic Technologies, East Carolina University

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