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VCL Community,

I am very happy to announce our first release through ASF! Apache VCL 2.1 is now available for download. The release page with download links, release notes, and the change log can be found here:

It is possible that the files may not have propagated to all of the mirrors yet. If your nearest mirror does not have the files yet, it should within the next few hours.

When you download, make sure to download the actual tarball from a mirror, but to download the MD5 and SHA1 sums and GPG signature files directly from the site (all of the links on the download page point to the correct places). Also, make sure to check the sums and signature to ensure there's been no corruption or tampering with the tarball.

It has taken quite a while to get this release out (we made it in just under 1 year from our initial code migration to ASF). We'd like to thank our mentors - Alan, Matt, and Kevan for helping us get this out. We plan to have much smaller feature updates between releases in the future so that we can get new releases out faster.

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