There was a short discussion on the private list about graduation but this is a 
general topic for the community so I'm starting this thread in dev.

VCL has been cooking for a little over a year and although we're not really 
ready to graduate its timely to start considering what people will be looking 
for to support a  movement from Incubator to a Top Level Project (TLP).  

- Community Diversity
This is a really significant area that will receive some attention.  Apache 
wants the communities to thrive independent of the contribution of any single 
entity.  In this case, the bulk of the commits and community are from NC State. 
 There seems to be a lot of interest in consuming VCL by  universities ... are 
there universities that students at other universities, companies or hobbyists 
that would be interested in contributing?  How can we reach them?

- Releases
There is one release that was voted on.  I think a few more would be good.  
Perhaps a release a quarter or six months ?  Also, we should probably update 
the Wiki so people have a link on how to find the release.

Those are the two big things off the top of my head.  Perhaps one way to get 
other people interested in VCL would be to think about offering some of the 
internal components of VCL as consumable units in other projects.  A lot of 
projects are looking at how to do reservations, package images and things like 
that.  Perhaps some increased granularity would pull in more developers and 

Matt Hogstrom

A Day Without Nuclear Fusion Is a Day Without Sunshine

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