I've started working on this issue to improve the block request processing and would like some feedback.

As part of this. I would like to clean up utils.pm by moving several block_request related routines from utils.pm to blockrequest.pm and would like to make sure there are not any issues with moving these routines.

The routines and their descriptions are listed below in the format
routine, description.

process_block_time, calls utils::xmlrpc_call routine with specified method and args

update_blockrequest_processing, Updates the processing flag in the blockRequest table

update_blockTimes_processing, Updates the processed flag in blockTimes table

delete_block_request, removes a blockrequest

clear_blockTimes,  Removes blockTimes id from blockTimes table

clear_blockComputers, Updates the processed flag in blockTimes table

A quick scan shows these routines are only being called from blockrequest.pm, so there should be zero impact.


Aaron Peeler
OIT Advanced Computing
College of Engineering-NCSU

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