I am trying to complete the instructions for Installing and configuring
cygwin sshd, part of the instructions for creating a Windows base image.  I
do not think I quite understand how the permissions should be set up.
 Before running the *cygwin-sshd-config.sh* script I had mapped the root
user in the /etc/passwd file to the current Administrator account I was
logged in as.  I then logged into cygwin as root and ran the *
cygwin-sshd-config.sh *script which took me through the process of creating
the privileged user cyg_server.  Ultimately I get the error 'The service did
not start due to a logon failure'.  Also the script seems to overwrite the
root entry I placed in the passwd file.  Any clarification as to the
permissions would be greatly appreciated.

Ryan Johnson
Academic Technologies
George Washington University

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