I did use the "Add Multiple" for this, but I didn't put a MAC as we hadn't
created virtual machines for these (and thus had no MAC to use).  I created
10 computers using add multiple.

I plan to create 10 virtual machines on the VMWare host and get their MAC
addresses and add them to the 10 computers in the computer table that were
created with add multiple.  From what I understand, this should resolve it.
Correct me if I'm wrong.

To save some time next time, I'd have created the 10 virtual machines first,
grabbed the first MAC address, and then used the "Add Multiple" with that
MAC address.  I'd still have to actually create (or clone) the 10 virtual
machines though.


On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 10:35 AM, Josh Thompson <josh_thomp...@ncsu.edu>wrote:

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> On Friday February 19, 2010, Jeffrey Wisman wrote:
> > Am I misunderstanding, or do I need to create 10 virtual machines to go
> > with my 10 "computers" and then assign the mac address from each virtual
> > machine to each computer?  This doesn't seem especially scalable, so I
> hope
> > I'm misunderstanding and that there is really something else going on.
> Jeff,
> The "Add Multiple" checkbox on Manage Computers->Edit Computer Information
> is
> designed to help with this.  You should only need to enter the information
> on
> the "Add Multiple Computers" page that link takes you to one time to
> generate
> as many virtual machines as you want.  Make sure you enter the start/end
> private IPs and the start MAC (also make sure to select available as the
> state as there's currently a bug preventing adding machines directly in the
> maintenance state).
> After submitting that page, you will also be able to generate the
> additional
> DHCP info for your dhcpd.conf file.  You will need to enter the private IP
> of
> your management node to get that file.
> We have it slated for version 2.4 to dynamically manage the virtual
> hosts/guests for you.
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