I haven't created one for it. Please feel free to do so. If you have any questions on the module, I'm happy to answer them.

Aaron Peeler wrote:
Very cool. Look forward to trying it out.

Yes, probably would want to rename it, although not sure what that would be.

Is there a jira issue already created for it? I didn't see one and don't mind creating it, just wanted to make sure one didn't exist.

We can attach it to a jira issue scheduled for the 2.2 release.


On 2/24/10 4:16 PM, Sean Dilda wrote:
I've written a provisioning module for VCL that we use here at Duke that I'd like to share for possible inclusion in VCL. The module is based off VCL 2.1.

This module is designed to work against VirtualCenter/vCenter, but should be able to work directly with an ESX host as well. It works a little differently from the existing ESX modules in that it uses the VMware perl API directly instead of calling the helper apps. In addition, it also greatly reduces the amount of disk space and deployment time necessary.

Instead of cloning the VM for deployment, this module uses ESX to create a snapshot of the golden image disk, and uses that for the deployed VM. This means the only disk space used for the deployed VM is the differences between it and the master. Likewise, no time is needed to copy all the bits, so creating the VM takes seconds instead of minutes.

Internally we call the module 'esxduke' to distinguish it from the existing ESX module. Going forward is there a better name for this module? Also, what should be done from here to have this included in VCL?



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