The warning below occurs several times when I try to create a Windows base
image per the instructions on the VCL site.  Ultimately, when the test
completes, I get an empty folder with the name of the image in the golden
directory and a folder in the inuse directory with a virtual machine file
with a size that is less than a kilobyte so I assume something is going
wrong.  Does anyone know what this warning refers to?  Does this warning
indicate an actual problem?

2010-03-08 16:35:36|4628|1:1|image||Entering ESX Capture
2010-03-08 16:35:36|4628|1:1|image||executing
SSH command on
|4628|1:1|image| /usr/bin/ssh -i /etc/vcl/vcl.key  -l root -p 22 -x 'ls -1 /images/inuse/Vista-VCL 2>&1' 2>&1
|4628|1:1|image| vmwarewinvista-base7-v1.vmx
2010-03-08 16:35:36|4628|1:1|image||SSH
command executed on, returning (0,

|4628|1:1|image| ---- WARNING ----
|4628|1:1|image| 2010-03-08
16:35:36|4628|1:1|image|vcld:warning_handler(635)|Use of uninitialized value
$old_imagename in concatenation (.) or string at
/usr/local/vcl/bin/../lib/VCL/Module/Provisioning/ line 635.
|4628|1:1|image| ( 0), notify (line: 786)
|4628|1:1|image| (-1) vcld, warning_handler (line: 635)
|4628|1:1|image| (-2), capture (line: 635)
|4628|1:1|image| (-3), process (line: 162)
|4628|1:1|image| (-4) vcld, make_new_child (line: 593)
|4628|1:1|image| (-5) vcld, main (line: 340)

2010-03-08 16:35:36|4628|1:1|image||found previous name=

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