I'm not sure if you have come across this but the following page has instructions for creating an experimental configuration similar to your's:

The instructions describe a configuration with a single VM guest. Your configuration will be similar but you will need to create at least 20 VM guests. You need to create a VCL computer entry for each VM guest.

You need one VCL computer entry for the virtual host. A virtual host correlates to a physical computer running VMware. When you change the state of this computer to vmhostinuse via "Manage Computers" it becomes a virtual host. The private address of this computer should be the physical computer's address on the host-only network. The public address really doesn't matter.

The vmlimit parameter specifies the maximum number of VM guests that assign to the host, so this should be set to 20. (You will need a pretty strong computer to run that many but it can be done.)

Once your vmhost is configured and guest computers have been created, assign the guests to the vmhost via "Virtual Hosts".

Hope this helps,

kalin...@googlemail.com wrote:
Hi Andy,

As I said I really appreciate that I am not alone in this. As the whole picture is changed since I have to add information for the vmhosts and there should be hostonly network I was wondering how many virtual hosts should be created in order to run a block reservation for 20 people simultaneously. Can I just create one and increase the vmlimit to 20?


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