For some reason, I am getting an error message that grep cannot be found
while trying to establish a new reservation for my first captured image. It
works fine when I execute the du-grep pipeline from the command line. Any
idea what I am doing wrong?

2010-03-15 15:08:10|9312|5:5|new||calling
2010-03-15 15:08:10|9312|5:5|new||image
repository path: /images/vmware
2010-03-15 15:08:10|9312|5:5|new||executed
command: du -c /images/vmware/*xubuntu_9.10_vmware_base-v0* 2>&1 | grep
total 2>&1, pid: 9328, exit status: 1, output:
|9312|5:5|new| sh: grep: command not found

|9312|5:5|new| ---- WARNING ----
|9312|5:5|new| 2010-03-15
output does not contain a total line:
|9312|5:5|new| sh: grep: command not found
|9312|5:5|new| ( 0), notify (line: 737)
|9312|5:5|new| (-1), does_image_exist (line: 2058)
|9312|5:5|new| (-2), reload_image (line: 618)
|9312|5:5|new| (-3), process (line: 266)
|9312|5:5|new| (-4) vcld, make_new_child (line: 594)
|9312|5:5|new| (-5) vcld, main (line: 341)

Mark Gardner

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