Yes, the management node needs to be be able to SSH to the VM hosts before attempting the image capture, or any other VM operations. Assuming password authentication is still enabled on the VM hosts, you can run " <IP>" for each of them. I wouldn't try the VCL image capture process until this works:
ssh -i /etc/vcl/vcl.key -l root -p 22 <VM host IP>


Kumar, Amit H. wrote:
Ah! .. I see. Seems like I started with a wrong assumption.
I didn't not do the capture image process yet. I wanted to see if I can make a 
reservation for the already existing VM, that I built with the name 
'vmwarewinxp-base7-v0' and placed it under the Data-Store-Path on the VMhost 
that built it.

Yes you were right I was missing the IP address in the Data-Store Path: I will 
put in the VMhost IP here.
In that case shouldn't I generate-node-key's for all the VMhost's because it 
will try to SSH to it to get to the Data-Store-Path?

Thank you Andy for the help ... I will give image capture a try first.

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