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On 4/5/10 6:09 PM, Alexander Patterson wrote:

I wanted to know how everyone else is connecting to there local Linux or
Solaris Labs with VCL?
We have a few labs that here on campus that are running Linux and Solaris.
We have students here who connect to these labs via remote. We want to move
these computers to a rack and only allow users to connect to these computer
remotely. We want to use VCL to do this so the user doesn't have to be on
campus to gain access to these machines.  We need to gain access to our
local Solaris 10 and Linux build labs. These machines are already loaded
with the current software the student need access to.

They need to be able to log into the current images of locally campus hosted
Linix and Solaris boxes and be able to access a gui.

What program to do you use to setup this up in the VCL environment? Do you
have a recommendation of what program to use and how to do this in VCL?

Also lets say we want to do a Windows to Linux Image
Also do you a requirement for having a Windows box with a VNC that that is
perfected to do this type of action in the VCL environment?



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Virtual Computing Lab
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