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I've finished all of the previously listed issues.

Now, I'm going to start on

VCL-277: deleting user group that owns a resource group

VCL-250: authentication for XML RPC X-User doesn't properly check to see if no 
authtype was found

VCL-241: detailed loading summary does not compute times correctly for future 
reservations that are preloaded

VCL-220: VMs in the available state which aren't assigned to a VM host may be 

VCL-244: Staticics page - show number of failed loads per image


On Wednesday April 07, 2010, Josh Thompson wrote:
> I've been getting some work done on the frontend issues for the 2.2 release
> the last few days.  I just remembered that we're supposed to be emailing
>  this list before we start work on any issues stating which ones and some
>  comments on how to resolve them.
> I'm about to start on the following issues (in no particular order).  Most
>  of them are pretty straightforward; so, I'll only add comments for more
>  complicated ones.
> VCL-93: LDAP part of a login to fail silently on errors when Shibboleth
> authentication is used
> VCL-233: all calls to simpleAddRequest need to check for all return codes
> VCL-32: modify XMLRPCaddRequest to allow an end time to be specified
> -with this one I'll also add XMLRPCeditRequest that will allow the end time
>  to be modified
> VCL-299: shib users may have incorrect full name and email address
> VCL-189: cannot add a computer in maintenance state
> VCL-138: remove antiquated vcldquery support
> VCL-303: tomaintenance reservations inserting wrong image revision
> VCL-300: shib users always have email notices turned off
> VCL-148: Add management node to current reservations view for
> VCL-155: Decrease initial Current Reservation page refresh interval
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