The 2.1 release does not include support for Windows 7. 2.2 will include support for Windows 7. The code has been written and is in the repository but it has not been tested thoroughly. I wouldn't upgrade your backend code to the latest in the repository because it isn't stable and depends on some database schema changes.

Sysprep on Windows 7 is entirely different than XP but it is very similar to Vista. You can try to capture a Windows 7 base image using the 2.1 code by setting the OS of the image to the Vista entry in the OS table: image.OSid = 7. No guarantees, but I have tried this before and it worked.

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Roger Herling wrote:
What if any back end files need to be installed for windows 7 image to be captured? We have just upgraded to the 2.1 code and are having issues getting the image to capture. I am wondering if we are missing sysprep stuff although I know sysprep on windows 7 is different than xp.

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