I'm not sure where the conflict is coming from. I haven't found a module with a getencname function. The vmware-cmd files on our servers don't contain that string. I'm guessing the function is supposed to retrieve an encoding name.

The vSphere SDK includes its own vmware-cmd file. This may have overwritten the one installed with VMware Server. I would try rerunning vmware-config.pl. If that doesn't help, try reinstalling VMware Server. You could try to remove or rename /usr/bin/vmware-cmd before reinstalling to ensure that it gets recreated.

Hope this helps,

Vinay Venkatesh wrote:
Hi Andy,

I am unable to run "vmware-cmd -l " or any vmware command . I keep getting
the following error
[*r...@localhost bin]# vmware-cmd -l
Enter username:

Enter password:

Undefined subroutine &Opts::getencname called at /usr/bin/vmware-cmd line
339, <STDIN> line 2*.

I checked up the VIRuntime and VILib Opts packages , there is no function
byname getencname. it also throws an  error for a function set_option which
again is not be found in the package.

I have installed the vmware-vsphere SDK for perl version 4.0.0  and also
VMware VIPerl Toolkit 1.6.0 to be used with my GSX server.

Thanks and Regards
Vinay Venkatesh.

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