I can replicate the problem by removing the Logs directory and then running the command that gets executed after root is automatically logged in:

C:\cygwin\home\root\VCL\Scripts\post_load.cmd >> C:\cygwin\home\root\VCL\Scripts\..\Logs\post_load.log
The system cannot find the path specified.

I'm not sure why the directory doesn't exist within your saved image. There should be an empty Logs directory on your management node at /usr/local/vcl/tools/Windows/Logs. Does this directory exist?

The Logs directory on the management node should get copied during image capture along with all of the other tools files. There should be an entry in the vcld.log file for the image capture process that looks something like this where the copy occurs:

scp -B -i /etc/vcl/vcl.key -P 22 -p -r /usr/local/vcl/bin/../tools/Windows/* vmguest-1:C:/Cygwin/home/root/VCL

If the directory exists on the management node, you can troubleshoot by deleting C:\cygwin\home\root\VCL on the Windows computer and then run the similar SCP command from the vcld.log file. Check if Logs gets copied.

Hope this helps,

Terry McGuire wrote:
Hello VCL folks.  Thanks to much assistance by Andy, VCL troubleshooter 
extraordinaire, I've got something approaching a demo-able VCL system right 
now.  I've got multiple Windows images and multiple Linux images.  And I've got 
multiple vmguests to run things on and multiple user accounts, with varying 
permissions, to do the running.  I do, however, have a few more minor issues, 
that would certainly become major if we choose to roll out a larger scale 
system at some point.  In particular:

While Windows image captures *almost* succeed without issue, they still get 
snagged in a very specific spot.  In the captured image, the post_load.cmd will 
always fail unless I manually tweak the image by adding a Log folder to 
C:/Cygwin/home/root/VCL.  Once it's there, everything works fine, but, clearly, 
this'll get pretty labour intensive once folks are making their own images.

Any ideas what's wrong here?  Any ideas what the best fix might be?

Terry McGuire

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