Thanks Andy,

I was trying to get a try this week.... next week will be out of schedule 
for me.. but nice to know about.. i will ramp up with that 3 weeks from 

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Andy Kurth <>
28-04-2010 18:42
Re: VCL 2.2 with VMware Server 2.x or ESXi 4.x

I would hold off for now.  I'm working on revamping the module 
to work 
with VMware Server 2.x and ESXi.  The code has not been committed to the 
repository yet.  I will probably commit some changes next week.


Jose Higino wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if VCL 2.2 ca be used now, because I would like to try 
> VMware Server 2.x or ESXi 4.x with it.
> Where can I get the code, the SVN repository only has 2.1?
> Regards

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