I think "official support" will come in next release, however I was able to 
make it work. There's probably a less "kludgey" way of doing it, but this 
worked in our setup.

Followed procedure at 

Also had to do the following:
- Install Windows-64 hotfix for Sysnative path to work.
- Create symlinks for shutdown.exe, defrag.exe in system32 folder.
- Use the Windows_Server_2003 module in the OS table for winxp64 OS.
- Replace Sysprep and Broadcom drivers under
  /usr/local/vcl/tools/Windows_Server_2003 with 64-bit versions. Also add
  64-bit version of spdrvscn.exe.

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am I correct that version 2.1 does not support 64 bit windows? 

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