On 5/10/10 4:53 PM, Tim Cary wrote:

I am wondering if anyone has had experience with VCL running across
VMWare Clusters?  By clusters I mean a set of physical hosts running
VMWare ESX with common storage between them.

Issues that I can think of would be:
-       Can VCL understand if one physical host is too loaded and start
populating machines on the other host(s)?
-       Can VCL see more than one LUN?  Actually does it have the
ability to bring up machines sitting in another LUN?

Thank you for your thoughts on this.

We run VCL against a VMware cluster at Duke. The VCL provisioning module I posted a while back handles this case. However, the code makes a few assumptions:

1) It assumes you're running VirtualCenter/vCenter and using DRS to handle the load balancing.

2) It assumes you have a large LUN for all of your data (actually, it assumes a single LUN for storing data, and a second LUN for delta files for deployed VMs).

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