Hello all,

I have been scratching my head for a few weeks now and still cannot get vcl 
ldap groups working.  I have following the instruction on the mailing list 
regarding setting up the ldap.conf and ldapauth.php and while the user is 
properly authenticated, the groups do not follow.  We are using OpenDS and  the 
attribute that lists groups that a user is apart of is "ismemberof".  I have 
pulled out the
updateODUGroups function and populated the variables and find that I do get a 

Here is our match statement:

for($i = 0; $i < $data[0]['ismemberof']['count']; $i++) {
$data[0]['ismemberof'][$i], $match) ||
$data[0]['ismemberof'][$i], $match))

This is what $match gets populated with:

Array ( [0] => cn=vclimage,ou=group,ou=vcl,o=odu ) Array ( [0] => 
cn=vcladmin,ou=group,ou=vcl,o=odu )

Is there a better way to debug this?  I am not sure where it is breaking.

Gerhard Hartl
Old Dominion University | ODU

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