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>> (2) Any updates from an old issue:
>>   The target is ESXi 3.5 host.

To get familiarity of the software, I've been using ESXi 3.5 local
disk storage; so I specify the datastore to be ESXi's IP:/PATH.

Hence, during image capture phase, the ssh commands seem to be going
off to the ESXi host.
The command seems to succeed all the time; however the return code is
mostly 255 and sometimes 0.
It's weird because I'm certain that commands being sent were
successful; I reproduced it manually the weird behavior
( similar to

I take that this is an sshd oddity on ESXi host.

I saw entries of "localdisk" or "networkdisk" on vmprofile. Not sure
how they are used.

Is the setup of ESXi with local disk considered to be a supported option ?
If so, how would I get around the sshd oddity for the ESXi's
IP:/DATASTOREPATH issues during image capture ? Or I should do things
differently for localdisk.

I'll switch to NFS so that I can move forward.

I wish to get some understanding on potentially what I did wrong or
what I did was simply an "unsupported" setup.

Thanks again.

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