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Wow - that's a lot of changes.  We're in need of more committers, and it 
sounds like you've done a lot of work already.  So, this could be very 

As I read this, I realized we (the Apache VCL community) don't have any 
guidelines in place for contributing modifications that affect large portions 
of the code.  I just composed another message to this list titled "guidelines 
for contributing large modifications" to establish some guidelines.

Before discussing your contributions further, lets wait on that process to get 
worked out so that this can be contributed in a way that most benefits the 


On Friday May 28, 2010, Kiran N wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have been studying VCL code and I want to be a contributor to the VCL
> development. I will identify my work as related to JIRA issue VCL-202(in
> database) started by Milen Paskov. There are few things I have been working
> on and would like to share here.
>    - Modified vcl.sql script to connect to Apache derby database and create
>    the database with the tables and data as in mysql. Please find the
>    vcl-derby.sql attached with this email.
>    - I have been working on the PHP front end code so that it can connect
>  to both mysql and Apache derby database. I am not sure if I need to
>  contibute to this by creating a new JIRA issue number. Please advise on
>  this. - Regarding changes to the PHP front end, I have coded a new
>  'param.php' file which changes the database data fetch or update
>  statements based on the type of database. I also assigns/creates some
>  global variables. As stated in JIRA issue VCL-202 , there are certain
>  keywords ('user', 'end', 'order' and 'key')which cannot be used as
>  database columns or table names in derby , I have created global variables
>  which store the values of these keyword based on mysql/derby.
>    - Apart from this in the code there are some small changes like
>    DATA_FORMAT() , UNIX_TIMESTAMP() functions is not recognized in derby.
>  So they have been changed accordingly. I am working on a document to
>  provide the complete list of changes between mysql and derby from the PHP
>  front end code perspective.
>    - Regarding connecting PHP to Apache derby, db2 runtime client with
>    ibm_db2 extension is used. PDO_ODBC is the data access interface for PHP
>    which compiles directly against DB2 librraries for native access to DB2.
>  PHP is complied with ibm_db2 extension and configured accordingly. Please
>  refer to below links for better understanding.
> References:
> http://coffeecode.net/uploads/talks/phptropics-ibm_db2.pdf
> http://www.db2ude.com/?q=node/81
> I am working on providing more explanatory documents which would help doing
> the setup for testing and checking the connection of PHP with derby but
>  this is the initial idea that i shared. Presently, I have done the setup
>  and working on the PHP front end code. I will be sharing that also with
>  you probably sometime next week.
> Please provide me feedback and suggestions on this! Let me know for any
> questions.
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