On 6/8/10 11:25 AM, Andy Kurth wrote:
Issue VCL-224 deals with moving settings from vcld.conf to the database. One of the settings is the VMware image repository path: VMWARE_IMAGEREPOSITORY. The path used is actually hard-coded so this setting didn't make a difference, but it still should be configurable via a database setting.

I propose adding a column to the vmprofile table called repositorypath. This will allow the repository path to be configured for different management nodes and profiles. The default value will be /install/vmware_images and it can be null. A function will be added to DataStructure.pm to access this data:

Also, vmprofile.nasshare is not being used anywhere in the code. I propose removing it.

The Virtual Hosts > VM Host Profiles page will need to be updated to remove NAS Share and add Repository Path.



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