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I deploy VCL on the VMware Esx 3i server. So it use esx module and need both -flat.vmdk and meta-data "*.vmdk". However, for some reason, I can only retrive the -flat.vmdk file. Is there any VCL code can automatically generate meta-data file based on the image file -flat.vmdk?



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However, when I try to retrive the image, for instance CentOS, from the Olive server, I can only get the -flat.vmdk, not metadata vmdk.

For maximum compatibility across different virtual machine monitors, the agreed design for global Olive stores only a raw-format disk image, and *not* VMM-specific metadata such as the metadata VMDK file. At the May 7th meeting, we discussed having proto-Olive synthesize a metadata VMDK file for VCL, but it was ultimately agreed that VCL could create this file itself when retrieving an image from Olive. My understanding is that VCL already has code to do this; are you able to simply reuse that code?

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