In order to release VCL 2.2 in a timely manner.

I propose delaying the following jira issues(with a reason) until the 2.3 release.

VCL-66 Reservations for newly created images may be assigned to management nodes or computers on which the image can't run
Reason: Time. Haven't figured out a clean way to map newly created images to a random set of computer groups.

VCL-168 Windows Media Player shortcut gets added to desktop for all users
Reason: Time, low priority. Rare event. On some nodes/images even after disabled policy settings/deleted and then sysprepping. It returns.

VCL-178 enable checkuser flag for per reservation instead of image only
We'll split this up by extending the database and adding support on the backend for 2.2. The web frontend portion will be addressed in the 2.3 release. The web part is more complicated as figuring out who and when should a person be able to disable the checkuser flag.

VCL-192 does_image_exist routine
Reason: time, low priority. Most folks at this time are using one management node.

VCL-297 Windows code is using the private IP address from the database rather than the hosts file
Reason: Time. Need to decide which source is the authority. db or local hosts file.

VCL-323 ESX provisioning modules - based on snapshots
Would like to include this, but since there is not a cla on file we can not redistribute.

If there are no objections by end of day 7/15, I'll move these to the 2.3 release roadmap.



Aaron Peeler
Program Manager
Virtual Computing Lab
NC State University

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