When user makes a selection for image. The web front end only checks the for the currentimageid set in the database. If it user's selection matches the current image recorded in the db, then est wait time is less than a minute.

When the user makes the selection, the processing begins. The est value can change depending on whats really loaded or not. If it doesn't match and the node needs to be loaded then the est value changes accordingly.

Basically the web scheduling app depends on the information in the database to be correct, since it doesn't normally have access to the private network to directly confirm what's loaded. It's up to the backend (vcld) management nodes to make sure it's correct after a node gets loaded.


On 9/16/10 9:15 AM, Hartl, Gerhard L. wrote:
Can someone give me a quick overview on how VCL obtains the mins until the 
reservation is available?  I am having issues where VCL estimates 1 min even 
when it is provisioning a VM from scratch.  I typically have my image Estimated 
Reload Time set to 10 mins since it takes us about 6-8 mins to fully build and 
prepare an image.

- Gerhard Hartl
Old Dominion University


Aaron Peeler
Program Manager
Virtual Computing Lab
NC State University

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