Hi Folks,

We're getting very close to cutting the 2.2 release candidate. We hope to announce the availability this afternoon. The committers are putting the final touches on the documentation.

All the jira issues schedule for 2.2 have been completed. There were 127 jira issues resolved in this release, which was probably too many....

Many enhancements have been made since the 2.1 release. Improved front-end code, better processing on the backend. Support for additional OS's (64bit windows, win7, windows server 2008, and linux vms). Support for VMware free server 2.x, and ESXi 4 in both purchased license and free license.
Easier vcld setup and base image capture.

For folks interested in becoming committers or helping out. We still need assistance in advancing Apache VCL, there are many ways to get involved, this includes improving the Apache VCL web site, adding to documentation, and contributing code, etc. We will welcome anyone who is interested in contributing something(anything).


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