Hello Gibet and Eloutouate,

Sorry for the delay in getting back with you.

Could you send the section of your vcld.log where this fails?


Dear VCL team and users,

We are Gibet Tani Hicham and Eloutouate Lamiae.

We started testing the VCL environment on 05/07/2010, and we wanted as a start to see the VCL initiative before stating to use it. We followed the tutorial in Apache incubator wiki on this link:


We followed all the steps, and we did create a Windows XP base image and we did start a reservation request and that by querying the database directly.

Unfortunately the reservation failed because of the following error:

Du --C /install/vmware_images/*vmwarewinxp-base100-v0* 2>&1, pid: xxx, exit status: 1 output:

0 total

Does_image_exist() | image does not exit :  vmwarewinxp-base100-v0


· The Windows XP base image exist and it was created using the following tutorial:


· When we executed the command line: Du --C /install/vmware_images/*vmwarewinxp-base100-v0* 2>&1 from a command prompt it return the correct size of the image.

· When we replace the variables, in the Perl script (vmware.pm), with their correct values the execution doesn't return this error and it gives another error regarding another variable that don't get replace.

Please advise.


Gibet Tani Hicham

Eloutouate Lamiae

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