I think this is a good path. Someone had mentioned libvirt previously for controlling vm's. Would this make sense? Or should vcl interact directly with kvm? http://libvirt.org/

Also I'd like to suggest us targeting a smaller release around the the first of the year? Addressing any bug-fixes for 2.2 or maybe 1 or more of the features scheduled for 2.3.

Anyone else?


On 9/30/10 4:00 PM, Andy Kurth wrote:
I'd like to begin planning the development of VCL 2.3. We need to work out a list of features/improvements to work on. The following is the current roadmap:

VCL 2.3
  * Service deployments
  * power management
  * improve cluster reservations

VCL 2.4
  *  additional and improved hypervisor support
  * KVM and possibly others (virtual box and XEN)
  * Allow for additional access methods for environments (port, other
protocols, etc)

VCL 2.5
  * develop tools for managing both system and user storage

(Note: This roadmap isn't set in stone and can be modified as the community sees fit. Please reply if you can think of additional features, think things should
be prioritized differently, etc.)

Going forward, the community needs development involvement from more people. One obvious/easy way to begin this will be to incorporate the code which has been submitted via this list/Jira but not yet been incorporated into VCL. I
would like to target the following to be incorporated for 2.3:

* VCL-203 Modify backend in order to be compatible with both MySQL and Apache
Derby, submitted by Milen Paskov
* VCL-339 Add the KVM support for VCL, submitted by Xianqing Yu
* VCL-389 Duke ESX provisioning module, submitted by Sean Dilda

(Please forgive me and speak up if I missed any other contributions)

Another feature which came up recently on this list is Windows lab provisioning. I have created a Jira issue VCL-388 for this. I think this would be fairly
straightforward to implement and might be a good task for someone to get
involved with development. If you're interested, please start a thread, share
some ideas, ask for collaboration, etc.

The resulting VCL 2.3 roadmap:
  * Service deployments
  * power management
  * improve cluster reservations
  * Backend Derby support
  * KVM provisioning
  * Extend VMware provisioning options
  * Windows lab provisioning

In addition, there are many Jira issues already tagged for 2.3 and other open issues which have not yet been scheduled for a particular version. Please take
a look by clicking on the '2.3' and 'Unscheduled' links on this page:




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