I check the log for install_perl_libs.pl, statement relative to Mail is

Perl module: Mail::Mailer 2.06
Mail::Mailer 2.07 is installed
Module installed appears to be a newer version: 2.07 > 2.06
Mail::Mailer 2.06 does not need to be installed

Is that possible reason?



From: "Xianqing Yu" <yu267155...@hotmail.com>
Sent: Monday, October 11, 2010 05:08 PM
To: <vcl-dev@incubator.apache.org>
Subject: Problem when Installing VCL 2.2

Hi all,

After I installed VCL 2.2, I get failing message when I make a reservation. Following is the message I got. I ran the install_perl_libs.pl, and I also manually install Mail::Mailer. However I always get this error. Any thoughts?



2010-10-11 17:01:07|6268|6:6|new|utils.pm:reservation_being_processed(9010)|computerloadlog 'begin' entry does NOT exist for reservation 6 2010-10-11 17:01:07|6268|6:6|new|utils.pm:run_command(9082)|executed command: pgrep -fl 'vcld [0-9]+:6 ', pid: 6340, exit status: 1, output: 2010-10-11 17:01:07|6268|6:6|new|utils.pm:is_management_node_process_running(9259)|process is NOT running, identifier: 'vcld [0-9]+:6 ' 2010-10-11 17:01:07|6268|6:6|new|utils.pm:reservation_being_processed(9031)|reservation is NOT currently being processed 2010-10-11 17:01:07|6268|6:6|new|vcld:main(277)|reservation 6 is NOT already being processed 2010-10-11 17:01:07|6268|6:6|new|utils.pm:get_request_info(4589)|standalone affiliation found: Local 2010-10-11 17:01:07|6268|6:6|new|vcld:main(282)|retrieved request information from database 2010-10-11 17:01:07|6268|6:6|new|DataStructure.pm:is_parent_reservation(943)|returning true: parent reservation ID for this request: 6 2010-10-11 17:01:07|6268|6:6|new|utils.pm:update_request_state(2049)|request 6 state updated to: pending, laststate to: new 2010-10-11 17:01:07|6268|6:6|new|utils.pm:insertloadlog(3933)|inserted computer=1, begin, beginning to process, state is new

|6268|6:6|new| ---- WARNING ---- |6268|6:6|new| 2010-10-11 17:01:08|6268|6:6|new|vcld:make_new_child(513)|VCL::new module could not be loaded
|6268|6:6|new| ( 0) utils.pm, notify (line: 630)
|6268|6:6|new| (-1) vcld, make_new_child (line: 513)
|6268|6:6|new| (-2) vcld, main (line: 342)

2010-10-11 17:01:08|6363|6:6|new|vcld:make_new_child(583)|vcld environment variable set to 0 for this process 2010-10-11 17:01:08|6268|6:6|new|vcld:make_new_child(567)|current number of forked kids: 1 No mailer type specified (and no default available), thus can not find executable program. at /usr/local/vcl/bin/../lib/VCL/utils.pm line 1218 2010-10-11 17:01:09|6268|vcld:REAPER(745)|VCL process exited for reservation 6, PID: 6363, signal: CHLD

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