Dear All,

I am trying to setup a VCL environment using IBM BladeServer and IBM
DS3400 SAN as my storage device. My blades are running on ESXi 4.1 and
I tried to lanuch iSCSI initiator through vSphere Client in order to
establish connection from ESX host to SAN.
After adding the storage, ESX perform the initialization of storage
device and format the disk into vmfs3 format. This storage will be use
as my image repository to store all my VM images.
The problem is that my VCL management node that runs on CentOS is
unable to detect the vmfs3 format storage, thus unable to identify
what images are available inside the storage.
I found out that vmfs3 is an ESX proprietary file system format and
cannot be read from Windows or Linux platform.
Can anyone please provide me some guidance on how to enable the VCL
management nodes to identify contents inside the vmfs3 storage or some
other alternatives to solve the problem?

Thanks and regards,
Chong Chun Yong

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