Thanks for everyone. I resolve my problem now.



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I don't think IP only as the hostname in the VCL db would work. vcld
strips the shortname out of a FQDN string for anything that is not a lab
machine type.
So a node named as would get called "123".

As David mentioned, it's best to add all your nodes to the /etc/host file


On 1/14/11 12:55 PM, David Hutchins wrote:
I haven't tried with just the IP, but I have been successful with a made up
FQDN and just specifying it the hosts file on the server and clients.

2011/1/14 Xianqing Yu<>


I am trying to setup VCL 2.2. However, I don't have DNS name for my server.
I wonder if that is possible to setup VCL only with IP?




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