I have seen this before. Every time I have seen it hang it's the result of a corrupted recycle bin. This was determined by logging in and trying to run it manually. The utility presents a dialog box stating essentially "Recycle Bin corrupted, attempt to repair?" with OK/Cancel buttons. There is no command-line argument to prevent this from happening. Also, I have seen this problem reoccur on an image even after the utility supposedly repaired it.

I actually updated the code a few weeks ago to get around the problem. It now launches cleanmgr.exe in a separate process and waits up to 2 minutes for the process to terminate. If it's still running, a warning is displayed in the log file and the capture proceeds.

I would try to login manually, run "cleanmgr.exe /SAGERUN:01", and see if any boxes appear asking for user input. You may be able to fix the problem by allowing cleanmgr.exe to repair things.

If this doesn't work, you can force the capture process to proceed by killing the cleanmgr.exe SSH process once it hangs. Find the SSH process that called cleanmgr.exe on the management node:
ps -ef | grep cleanmgr

Kill the matching process. You may see 2 processes in the ps output - one being the actually SSH process and another being it's parent 'sh -c' process calling SSH. Killing either of these should work. A warning will appear in the vcld.log file but the capture process should proceed.


On 1/10/2011 10:22 AM, Vinay Venkatesh wrote:
Hi ,

I am trying to capture a win 2003 image. During the precapture process , the
program to clean up the hard disk "cleanmgr" does not seem to complete and
the process stalls. I tried disabling the "Compress old files" options and
gave a try, but it didnt help either. The hard disk capacity is 10GB and
free space of 7GB. Has anyone encountered similar problems with cleanmgr?

Thanks and Regards

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