On Jan 11, 2011, at 6:35 PM, Noah Baker wrote:

> Hello, my question is for any licensing experts on the list.
> I would like to contribute code/fixes to the VCL project, but my employer 
> prevents me from signing the ICLA. The only FOSS license I can release code 
> under is the modified/new BSD license. I am wondering if there is any way for 
> me to contribute code to VCL under this restriction.

I'd be interested to hear why your employer won't allow you to sign an ICLA. 
Concerns about the patent grant clause(s) of the ICLA? Anything we can do to 
help alleviate concerns? I'm guessing your employer happily uses ASF software? 

> I have noticed that VCL's web front end code contains a distribution of Dojo, 
> which is BSD (or AFL) licensed, and there are several other components with 
> different licensing requirements in, or otherwise required by, the project.
> The code I would most like to contribute is highly self-contained (a 
> full-featured KVM provisioning module with power_* functions, uses OS 
> functions, etc).  Could it be released separately under a BSD license and 
> somehow included or merged into VCL?

VCL can certainly include BSD-licensed dependencies. So, if you want to release 
the software outside of the ASF, your software can be included as a dependency.

> What about for other, less self-contained code, such as fixes?

The ASF is about releasing AL 2 licensed source code. So, contributing 
BSD-licensed source directly to the VCL project is a bit counter to our goals. 
Lack of a patent grant would be something the project would have to be 
concerned about. Also, the project would have to keep track of your source code 
and insure that all affected files are appropriately documented (e.g. in 
license/notice files, etc). So, we can discuss any specific bug 
fixes/contributions. However, in general, I would not be in favor of adopting 
any BSD-licensed source.

> Thanks, and please forgive my licensing ignorance; I'm a dev, not a lawyer.

No problem. Thanks for the questions!


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