Hey guys,

With the Internet issue resolved, I was able to return to my Windows 7 image 
and complete the Cygwin install.  I proceeded to complete all the necessary 
steps thereafter.

When I make a reservation for the image, it gets to where it boots the image 
then windows fails to load - "Windows failed to start.  A recent hardware or 
software change might be the cause" (see attached screenshot).

I checked the vmware server manager and the only difference I can see is that 
the vmguest is being assigned the Guest OS: Other (32-bit).  As my image is a 
64-bit, I believe this to be a hint at the problem.  I double checked the 
database and the architecture is set to x86_64.  So I'm at a lose as to what's 
going on here.

Any ideas?


Patrick Sigmon

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