I doubt it would work 100% out of the box, especially the image capture
portion. The vcl xcat2 provisioning module is not aware of all the xcat
commands related to it. But it probably would not take much to get it
working. It would definitely be a good thing to extend VCL's xcat2.pm
module to support more xCAT2 features.


On 2/24/11 3:41 PM, Xianqing Yu wrote:
> Hi VCL Community:
> I heard that xCat support for KVM now and find xCAT-KVM wiki at 
> http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/xcat/index.php?title=KVM
> I wonder that if now VCL can use xCAT provisioning module to 
> provisioning KVM. If yes, which version of xCAT module can be used?
> Thanks,
> Xianqing

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