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Based on the following votes, the Apache VCL community has voted to release
Apache VCL 2.2.1:

+1 Josh Thompson
+1 Mike Waldron
+1 David Creech
+1 Alexander Patterson
+1 Art Vandenberg
+1 Henry Schaffer
+1 Xianqing Yu
+1 Bradley Bigham
+1 Tony Miller
+1 Aaron Peeler
+1 Donna Grant
+1 Vinay Venkatesh
+1 David Hutchins

That totals +13.  The next step is for me to send an email to the general
incubator email list asking that the Incubator PMC vote on releasing Apache
VCL 2.2.1.  I should have that email composed and sent this afternoon.

FYI - To pass, there must be at least three +1 votes cast by Incubator PMC
members with the majority of them being positive.  If you want to follow the
vote process there, the archives for the general incubator list are here:



On Friday March 18, 2011, Josh Thompson wrote:
> - gpg control packet
> In mid January, the community decided to go ahead with a release of 2.2.1
> to get a lot of bug fixes out.  We've finally gotten to the point of doing
> the release.
> I created a release artifact based off of trunk.  I copied trunk to a tag
> under the tags area of the repo that is named release-2.2.1-RC1:
> http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/vcl/tags/release-2.2.1-RC1/
> The artifact is an export from that tag with the addition of Dojo Toolkit
> version 1.5.0 bundled in the web code.  The artifact, MD5 and SHA1 sums,
> and my GPG signature of it are available from my space on people.a.o:
> http://people.apache.org/~jfthomps/apache-VCL-2.2.1-RC1-incubating/
> The list of resolved JIRA issues associated with this release can be found
> on the VCL 2.2.1 release page:
> http://cwiki.apache.org/VCL/vcl-221-unreleased.html
> Installation instructions are on the Confluence site and in the
> INSTALLATION file included in the artifact.
> I have completed a test install of all parts and was able to successfully
> create, capture, and deploy a base image.
> The directory created by extracting the RC1 artifact is
> "apache-VCL-2.2.1-RC1- incubating".  Licensing information about perl and
> its required modules, php and its required modules, and mysql are stated
> as "system requirements" according to the information under "System
> Requirements" on
> http://www.apache.org/legal/3party.html.
> Please vote by the end of the day on Wednesday, March 23rd to publish this
> release (this allows for 3 business days to vote).  Please note that anyone
> in the VCL community is allowed to vote.
> [ ] +1 yes, release VCL 2.2.1
> [ ] 0 dunno
> [ ] -1 no, don't release VCL 2.2.1 (provide reasons if this is your vote)
> Josh
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