Hello community,

I would like to bring some more attention to this topic as the module has
taken shape.

The idea behind this module is that university as well as anyone else
interested in VCL will be able to have access to additional resources.
Hardware can be expensive and not everyone can afford to buy some just to
test VCL. Using this module one can set up VCL on a local machine or one on
IBM Cloud and provision images on the IBM Cloud. Images on IBM Cloud can be
modified and saved just like a regular VCL. In addition the module can be
used to increase the capacity of of currently operational VCL.

Currently the module is fully functional with Linux images and can
provision Windows images, but it can not save the Windows images. The
module has been tested within IBM, but we are looking for ways to try and
test on a production VCL.

Best Regards,
Milen Paskov
WSTI Intern

From:   Aaron Peeler <aaron_pee...@ncsu.edu>
To:     vcl-dev@incubator.apache.org
Date:   12/10/2010 02:54 PM
Subject:        Re: The CCMP module for IBM Cloud

Hi Xianqing,

Sounds great, look forward to seeing it (hopefully it will get IBM
approval for donation).


On 12/10/10 10:49 AM, Xianqing Yu wrote:
> Hello VCL community,
> I have been working on a new provisioning module (ccmp module) for VCL.
With this module the VCL will be able to provision instances on the IBM
Developer Could.  Milen Paskov was working on the project, and now I take
over it. I updated the module and now the module is under the testing. I
think we can contribute ccmp module and  documentation relative to the
module to VCL community in January next year.
> Best Regards,
> Xianqing Yu
> WSTI Intern
> y...@us.ibm.com


Aaron Peeler
Program Manager
Virtual Computing Lab
NC State University

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