Hi All,

Reading through this document on VCL on IBM developers site: 

Brings me to the following question: First of all I am not sure how this 
question will be treated on this forum , because I have not seen a discussion 
on VCL that talks about Private vs. Public  setup like the IBMers do in the 
above link. So please bare with me and my naïve thoughts ....

Q. When would an implementation of VCL be considered as a Public Cloud Setup? I 
cannot draw a clear line to distinguish between private vs. public VCL setup.
Here is what I am thinking:
>>  If the VCL implementation allows anyone to sign up(either freely or paid) 
>> to access the resources provided. Then it is a public cloud setup. ?
>>  If the VCL implementation allows other similar VCL type resources to join 
>> the existing pool of resources to provide free or paid access to once signed 
>> up. Is this a public cloud setup?

Please advise!


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